How to Safely Use a Portable Generator

Depending on where in the country you live, having a portable generator may make your family more comfortable. You might be at risk of losing power from wildfires, hurricanes, blizzards, or other natural events. Generators can power up fans, space heaters, a refrigerator, lamps, and other appliances that you need to maintain your food supply,… Read More

Creative ways to make a small kitchen look bigger

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and some homes have bigger “hearts” than others! A small kitchen can be perfectly cozy and comfortable, but you might choose to make a few accommodations to open up space and make it look a bit more spacious. Read on to learn about how you can make… Read More

Most useful gifts for new homeowners

Has someone you know recently become a new homeowner? It’s an exciting time and one that often warrants gift-giving! If you’ve been invited to a housewarming party or if you’re seeing someone’s home for the first time, it’s customary to bring a gift. You’ll want to bring something useful that they probably don’t already have,… Read More

Can you air fry in a convection oven?

You’re probably already aware that air fryers are all the rage; but can you air-fry in your conventional oven? And more than that – Why are they even so popular right now? There are a few reasons: They cook food quickly and easily, they’re simple to clean, and they impart a fried taste without all… Read More

Essentials for the ultimate DIY home theater

With people wanting and needing to spend more time at home in recent months, going to the movie theater has become less popular than it once was. The solution that many have found is to create a home theater. This can be fun for everyone from toddlers to teens, parents to grandparents. Having a home… Read More

Benefits of Rural Living

With the changes brought about by the recent pandemic, more and more Americans are working from home. Because more people have the opportunity to work remotely, many are moving out of crowded cities and busy suburban areas and discovering the benefits of rural living; in fact, in a recent study, nearly half of Americans said… Read More

Essentials for the Perfect Family Movie Night at Home

Going to the movies is fun, but with streaming services available to just about everyone, hosting a family movie night at home can be even better. When you view the latest blockbuster at home, the popcorn is (nearly) free, there isn’t a line for the bathroom, and the movie can be paused or rewound if… Read More

Memorable Backyard Party Ideas

If you have a backyard, hosting a backyard party for friends and family members is something that you might enjoy. Backyard parties can run the gamut from super simple and casual up to a fancy affair. Some people even host their weddings in their backyard! If you are looking for a fun way to host… Read More